Student News (July & August 2020)

By far the highlight of student camp life is the amazing amount of leopard activity we are still lucky enough to see in and around camp on a regular basis. Career Development Course Student Kyla Labuschagne posted the updates below after finding fresh leopard tracks and dragmarks.

Leopard drag marks from an Impala kill the night before, at Gobandlovu Base Camp
Captured by one of the Camera Traps on Kuleni

The Angasi has been getting busy running the activity centre again, and are in charge of planning and running early morning activities for all students in camp. There has been a few highlights during the morning guided activities and the leopard activity has certainly made the Track and Sign activities more exciting .

Carmen, Kyla, Daniel, Warrick and Tyler after their morning walk, highlights were trailing the leopard and a great Gorgeous Bush Shrike sigting.
Piet, Misae, Alicia and Rikus after a successful morning trailing the leopard.

Daphne, Daniel, Tommy, Pierre and Alica enjoyed a great and unique sighting of a nesting pair of Grey Sunbirds. The morning mission was to find Pink Throated Twinspot, which eluded them but they were rewarded with nice Purple Crested Turaco display on a Marula Tree – always such a beautiful bird to see!

With local guests starting to show up again on Kuleni Game Park, we hope to see these guides showcase their skills with some of the local guests as well!