NQF 2 Apprentice Field Guide Exam Revision Workshop

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Welcome to the FGASA Apprentice Field GUide Exam revision workshop. This course has been designed to assist you in your final exam preparation. You can do the modules in any order as you wish, although it is recommended that you complete them chronologically, or as per the instructions of your facilitators if you are also attending on site.

Each module has got an exam revision skills test, usually in the form of a quiz. Make sure to read over questions, and the feedback on your answers in order to get the most learning out of each session.

Each module will also have some additional suggested resources, should you want to revisit some of the content or if you are still unclear about some of the content and want to learn more to better understand and aid your learning.

Good luck and remember that you gain most by engaging with the content – your facilitators, and your group so don’t be scared of asking questions. Discussion is a great way of learning!