Creating documents in Word for task submission

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We have already covered the steps of how to set up your documents in word in class, but if you need a reminder, please take the time to watch the videos below to refresh your memory. Your goal is to set up a model task that you can use as a template or example for all your other electronically completed tasks.

Video 1 Creating Headers and Footers – will remind you how to set up Headers and Footers in your document. Remember to also add page numbers and select the option to include “page 1 of 10”. This will ensure that someone marking or reading your task, can see if there are pages missing – this is especially helpful if the taks gets printed as well.

Video 2 Adding Headings and a Table of Contents will remind you how to add formatted headings and subheadings to your document, so that you can use the time-saving power of technology to create an automated Table of Contents for your document. This will save you hours and create a professional and easy to read document.

Video 3 Citing References and Adding a Bibliography will remind you how to add citation and create an automated bibliography. In some of your tasks you will be required to show your sources – this is what Citations and the Bibliography is for. If you have ever done this this properly, the right way manually, you will be able to appreciate the enormous amount of time it saves you to be able to let word do all the work for you! Take this little bit of time to master this technological skill – you will reap the benefits for years to come!

At the end of the lesson you will be required to UPLOAD your completed task.

Video 1 Creating Headers and Footers
Video 2 Creating Headings, Subheadings and an Automated Table of Contents
Video 3 Adding Citations, Sources and an Automated Bibliography