Module 1 – Welcome

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to lesson 1 for Marine Lockdown, this is a simple task and just a fun way of introducing some of the topics we will be discussing in more detail later on. You would have received a link posted via WhatsApp on a David Attenborough Documentary called: Shallow Seas. Download and watch this documentary in your own time. Just relax and enjoy the film while making an effort to follow the information. Once you have completed the documentary, complete the quiz below. If possible, it is a good idea to keep the movie on pause on a different page while you complete the quiz, so that you can refer back when necessary to find the answer. All the answers to the quiz, can be found in the documentary.

Most questions will also have exrta information displayed on the topic of the question, which will be displayed once you have answered the question. Please do read this extra information and take note of the info – you will need to know some of this for the last quiz once we have finished all the documentaries.

Good luck – and enjoy doing this task.

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