Whale out of Water by Laila Rouhani

Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing, the wind rustling through the trees are the best sounds to wake up to. This is the second year the Bhejane Nkonkoni group have been privileged to be assisting in the Mammal Research Institute with their whale monitoring in Cape Vidal. The aim of this research … Continue reading Whale out of Water by Laila Rouhani

Is this a real career option?

The world is changing and so are our ideas of how to prepare for a career! University training has become irrelevant and outdated in many fields - especially one as dynamic as Wildlife Tourism. This is great news for many young people that are passionate and ready to take on the world, but dread having to spend hours in yet another classroom before getting out into the working world.

Marli se laat aand leeu-loop.

Deur Marli van den Bergh “Warwick dis tyd vir jou nagdiens…” breek Quintin se stem deur die koue. Met die ysige koue wat deur die loop van die aand in my tent in gekruip het, prober ek met ‘n swaar lyf uit my bed kom. Die vuur het begin bedaar en ek besluit om nog … Continue reading Marli se laat aand leeu-loop.